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power electronics phd vacancy,power electronics phd thesis,power electronics phd position,power electronics phd research proposal,power electronics phd research in bangalore 2018 project-Inner Supply Data Transmission in Quasi-Resonant Flyback Converters for Li-Ion Battery Applications Using Multiplexing Mode
This projects proposes data transmission method between primary and secondary of the flyback converter without additional communication circuit while simultaneously transferring power. In some application such as a battery charger, the data exchanges between the primary and secondary sides are necessary. In the conventional system, an additional line or wireless communication modules is used for data exchanges, thereby increasing the system and connector size. The proposed system, in comparison, does not use additional signal transceiver but instead exchanges data by simply alternating operation mode of the flyback converter, thus adding communication function while not increasing the volume of the terminal and overall system. The waveform of transformer voltage is used to count the number of resonant pulses, which is used for decoding and encoding the data packet. Bidirectional communication between primary and secondary sides is possible while power is transferred to the output using an appropriate communication protocol. This paper proposes data transmission method for both single output and the multioutput cases. Also, both half-duplex and full-duplex communication using the proposed method is explained. The experimental results are presented to verify the performance of the proposed communication method.